posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014

| just noticed he is gently holding the very special necklace I was given when he was born |
| he knew exactly what to do | 
| enjoying some of his candy | 
| 18 months is by far the best age ever | 
| this may be my favorite picture of this age. mid dance moves. he calls this one the hand flap |
When I was 8 weeks pregnant with W, my husband and joined our friends in Aspen for a ski trip. The last day, Casey and I had some time to spare before our flight so we shopped around downtown and that is where I fell in love. With an Easter basket. When I laid eyes on this sweet fuzzy, yellow duck basket, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately told Casey I had to have it for our baby. Grudgingly he purchased this first gift not understanding why I needed an Easter basket that would not be used for several years.

Well, this past weekend it was time to break out the duck basket. Immediately he knew exactly what to do with it and began collecting eggs and sweetly placing them in the basket. His mind was blown when he figured out there was actually something [CANDY] inside of the eggs. Thank goodness we still have a few more Easter egg hunts that this little one will enjoy before the season is over.

I have so much joy watching this boy that my heart has bursted at least five thousand times [today].


posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

This summer is the summer of denim shorts. Well honestly every summer is a denim shorts kinda summer in my book. I will be squeezing into mine as long as I can until this belly of mine forces me to buy maternity ones. My absolute favorites this season are the Rag and Bone boyfriend jeans and Gap and Nordstrom have a great selections as well. Now all we need are the temps to be kind too us and stay perfect like they have been. 75 and sunny is my kinda dream day.

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